Connecting you with the UK's leading Software Engineering teams.

We are partnered with a number of Award-Winning Tech Teams in which we can introduce you to using the four E's...


The ability to capture and promote your personality & skill set to potential company's. We act as a platform so you can be heard.


Technology is fast paced & ever-changing. As technical recruitment consultants we can offer you our view on the market & advise what frameworks to up skill on.


We offer full transparency when interviewing with our partner clients and provide in depth detail around each companies technical environment and culture.


At the final stage we will advise you on various recruitment techniques that you can use to confirm your interest with our client and give yourself the best shot at securing an offer.

Our market specialisms

Junior Developer

We focus on building our Junior Developer Talent pools with Curious, Passionate and Open-Minded individuals that are strong in the fundamentals of OO Programming.

YNH are partnered with various Universities and Code Camps including Europe’s only University accredited Coding Course: Code Institute to make sure our clients get first pick on the UK’s next generation of Developers.

Average UK salary: £25k - £35k (0-2 years experience)

Software Developer

The best Developers in the industry are strong problem solvers, passionate in their specialisms and good collaborators when working in teams.

As a Technical Talent Consultancy we attract and engage the best talent with one secret technique…. talking tech. We build relationships with fellow techies based on a shared passion for technology.

Average UK Salaries: £35k - £60k (Dependant on experience and tech stack)

Senior Developer

Strong Software Engineers, awesome mentors.

We look for talented problem solvers who are able to knowledge share and mentor other members of the team.

YNH have found great success in the ability to head hunt and shortlist Senior Developers due to our abilities in identifying individuals with relevant technical and interpersonal skills.

Average UK Salary: £50k - £70k (Dependant on experience and tech stack)

Technical Lead

Tech Leads Enable & Empower Developers by trouble shooting & guiding technical delivery.

At YNH we focus on head hunting subject experts with exceptional time management skills by hosting weekly knowledge sharing sessions where some of the UK's most talented Lead Developers share their tips and tricks with our Junior Developer talent pools!

Average UK Salary: £62,500 (Dependant on experience and tech stack)

Head of Development

When recruiting for Heads of Development we look for emotionally intelligent Leaders that can inspire and support their team by creating culture that champions continuous learning.

We host monthly knowledge sharing sessions for Managers in the industry to strengthen our network of recognised tech leaders.

Average UK Salary: £83k

CTO & VP Engineering

The faces of Technical & Operational leadership.

For the majority of companies this is the most important hire & it can be a tough decision to make as to whether you need a CTO or a VP. That's why we help Founders define what type of leader they require, then use various exec search methods to head hunt candidates that can bring their vision to fruition.

Average UK Salary: £70k - £140k (Depending on company maturity)

Build your team today


Due to popularity YNH have created talent pools across the UK identifying the best Developers specialising in: Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Websites and Enterprise Software.

In demand client requirements:

  • Web Development: C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, EF, Blazor, MVC, SQL Server, Azure
  • Desktop Development: C#, .Net, WPF, WinForms, MVVM, JSON, SQL


JavaScript is the most popular language in the world, therefore we created 'The Developers Web' monthly webinar to strengthen our roots in the JS community!

In demand client requirements:

  • Web Development: JS, Angular or React or Vue, Node.JS, Express, MongoDB, SQL
  • Mobile Development: JS, Typescript, React Native, SQL


Used by a number of world class Software Engineering Teams such as; Spotify, Google & Facebook. Python is recognised as a powerful, multipurpose language commonly used for; Web Development, ML/AI, Data Engineering and Scripting.

In demand client requirements:

  • Software Development: OO Python, Django or Flask, MongoDB or SQL, Docker, AWS
  • Data Engineering: Python, Kafka, Spark, Hive, AWS-Serverless


The use of Frameworks has allowed PHP to remain a powerful language used for Web Development of Dynamic Websites, Web Applications and fully functioning E-commerce stores.

In demand client requirements:

  • Web Development: PHP, Laravel, Symfony or CodeIgniter, Linux, MySQL, MariaDB

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